AUKEY Mini Drone Mohawk is a medium sized quadcopter, which, with its size and compactness perfectly suits outdoor use. It features a 780mAh removable battery, which you can slip in and out of that little carriage that is located at the bottom of the drone. It is easily charged via included cable. AUKEY Mini Drone Mohawk takes just an hour to fully charge, and will give you ~10 minutes of exciting flying time, which is really good in terms of the price and size. The body of this drone is made of a glossy black plastic, with cheerful colorful propeller blades on each of the four sides. After you turn it on, you will be able to see a red LED tail light, which makes direction identification during the flight very easy. It also has bright red and green LED lights on each side, which makes seeing the drone very easy and beautiful during nigh flights. The package includes the Mohawk itself, a rechargeable battery, USB cable, remote control, 4 extra blades, screwdriver, user manual and a warranty card. It is equipped with a 4 channel 2.4Ghz remote control that has a 400ft flight range, which is a lot, don’t you think? The remote control has 4AA batteries, thus it is able to has some functions as well. For example, it will show you remaining battery status, propeller speed and so on with a gorgeous LCD display. You have an option to connect a camera to the Mohawk and watch it live as you fly it around. It has 3 different modes: Return, flip and headless. Pressing the top left button on the remote will put the drone into return mode, which means that it will come back to you with a single click. If you hold down the button for several seconds, it will allow the drone into headless mode, meaning the orientation of the drone will not matter anymore, because when you will be using the controller, forward will be forward, back – back and so on. You are able to perform tricks such as flips, dives, rolls and so on. AUKEY Mini Drone Mohawk is the best drone on the market so far due to its innovative, stylish design, flight time, durability and modern features and tricks. It has a very simple construction and intuitive controls that make this drone suitable for everyone and not only novices, but also professionals. This drone is highly recommended if you are looking for a pure joy while flying a very affordable quadcopter.
$64.99 USD
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  • 🌟Mid-size Mohawk Quadcopter Drone with 4 channel 2.4Ghz remote control
  • 🌟Easy to maneuver with one touch commands - Return, flip, headless mode
  • 🌟6-axis gyros provides exceptional flight stability and maneuverability

β˜… Package Content

  • βœ” AUKEY Mohawk Drone
  • βœ” Remote Control
  • βœ” I780mAh Lithium Battery
  • βœ” Extra Blades
  • βœ” Charging Cable
  • βœ” Screwdriver